Beniamino Francesco (Ciccio) Azzollini Beniamino Francesco (Ciccio) Azzollini

Ciccio Azzollini is CEO and CIO of 3IP: Italia Independent Investment Partners. He graduated with honors in Business from Bari University. He has completed Executive Program Courses in Value Investing at Columbia and achieved a diploma in Portfolio Management at New York University SCPC. He has 15 + years of industry experience, investing in listed and private companies. From 2004 to 2014 was CEO of Cattolica Partecipazioni, a regulated Italian investment company. He founded the Value Investing Seminar in Italy in 2003 and has been profiled in numerous value investing books such as The Investment Checklist: The Art of in-Depth Resarch, The Education of a Value Investor, The Manual of Ideas and Value Investing.