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Speakers Sahm Adrangi
Speakers Beniamino Francesco (Ciccio) Azzollini
Speakers Fernando Bernard
Speakers Philip Best
Speakers Matteo Castelli
Speakers Gabriele D’Agosta
Speakers Ori Eyal
Speakers Don Fitzgerald
Speakers Sergio Fontana
Speakers Francesco Gagliardi
Speakers Christoph Hilfiker
Speakers Lloyd Khaner
Speakers Oliver Mihaljevic
Speakers Norman Rentrop
Speakers Roberto Russo
Speakers Tom Russo
Speakers Rahul Saraogi
Speakers Josh Tarasoff
Speakers Whitney Tilson
Speakers Glenn Tongue
Speakers Martin Wirth
Speakers Boris V. Zhilin

Video Class CNBC, Clip 1 - a cura di Marina Valerio
Video Class CNBC, Clip 2 - a cura di Marina Valerio
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